PikaBot (pikabot) wrote in excusemewtfru,


1. Please credit excusemewtfru or pikabot when you use my icons. I mean, I get that they're 100 x 100 pixel images, so I'm not going to get on your case for it...but I'd appreciate it. If nothing else, do it so that other people who see you use them and like them can easily find more like them.

2. Comments and watchers are also highly appreciated.

3. Don't hotlink. I don't know why you would in this day and age, it takes all of five seconds to download and upload to your own photobucket. I mean, really.

4. Feel free to use textless icons as bases if you want, but absolutely credit me as above if you do. For using the icon I don't care if you do or not, but if you use my icons as bases, and don't credit and I find out, I will get on your case for it.

5. Be excellent to each other.
Tags: *policies
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